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Which question is the best question?

During an investigative interview it’s important to plan and prepare your strategy prior to the interview.  Part of the preparation process is also mapping out some of the questions that you’ll want to ask during the interview process. 

When strategizing the interview, take the time to determine what information would be valuable to your investigation and what’s the best way to obtain this information.  

Too often when working with groups on the planning stage and mapping out relevant questions, the questions are focused on specific bits of information; they are closed-ended questions. 

Think about changing your game plan and get into the habit of asking more open-ended questions. 

Often you will find that the one open-ended question you ask will provide insight into several questions you’ve prepared ahead of time.  The open-ended question provides subject autonomy and the ability to share details without specific prompts, helping to understand the accuracy of the information obtained.

by Chris Norris, CFI
Wicklander-Zulawski Europe

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