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Global shoppers fear losing their identity

More than two-thirds (77 per cent) of global shoppers have reduced their digital footprint for fear they are losing control over their privacy, according to research.

A report from data analytics business Trūata found that nearly half of consumers have lost control over how much data is stored about them, while a further 49 per cent feel that coronavirus restrictions forced them to expand their digital footprint this year.

The study surveyed 8,000 consumers across the UK, France, Brazil, South Korea, and the USA.

Around 56 per cent have expressed worries over losing track of their digital selves entirely, and they are now seeking to regain control over their data.

In addition, 64 per cent of global consumers have increased their use of tech during the pandemic, with 60 per cent of business owners and senior managers admitting that they have used tech solutions during COVID-19 that they previously wouldn’t have used due to privacy concerns.

But as part of a trend, 61 per cent of online shoppers said that they want to reduce the amount of personal data stored about them once the pandemic is over.

“There’s no denying the accelerated pace at which the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionised the way we live, the way businesses operate and the way global society functions,” said Felix Marx, chief executive, Trūata. 

“However, with personal data exchanges acting as the price for entry into this new, not-going-anywhere, digitally-driven economy, the initial acceptance of a temporary takeover by our digital selves was short-lived.

Marx added: “With so much of life happening online, questions around safety and security have come to the fore, triggering a tipping point for trust and digital privacy, which is highlighted by the findings in this year’s Global Consumer State of Mind Report. Having felt a loss of control, consumers are now seeking to reclaim ownership and demand the protection of their digital selves.”

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