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Consistency vs rigidity

Planning and preparation for any interview are important tasks to increase the amount of accurate and actionable information obtained.  In recent months, I’ve seen where the process of planning and preparation have come to the detriment of the interviewer.  In other words, the planning and preparation has put the interviewer in a position to become stiff and almost robotic in an effort to stick to a script associated with the interview.

Remember, any interview is a conversational interaction with another person and should be fluid.  Having a plan and preparing that plan are essential elements, but rather than being so rigid in your preparation that you feel the need to stick to the plan, allow your interviewee the opportunity to dictate the flow of the conversation.  Plan and prep accordingly, but work towards executing your plans with a mindset of consistency rather than being rigidly committed to the plan.  

Create your interview plan.  Know your interviewee.  Consider any and all practical arrangements for the interview.  Write up a summary of aims and objectives.  Use these elements of preparation to find consistency in both your approach and execution.  Consistency that eliminates rigidity, invites alternative theories and is executed with objectivity in mind.

by Chris Norris, CFI
Wicklander-Zulawski Europe

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