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— Aug 28, 2015

ORIS Omni-Channel Forum will prove a hit in the fight against GLIT

Some of the biggest names in online retail have joined forces with the major players in the courier and logistics community in a collaborative approach to fighting fraud and the increasing problem of goods lost in transit (GLIT).

— Oct 1, 2015

Fashion Victims Fight Back

Retailers support primary authority status as second survey highlights increase in technology to combat fashion crime.

— Nov 21, 2017

Responsible risk, ethical trading, and sustainable business

When Google first came to prominence, it had a corporate mantra - do no evil.

— Nov 21, 2017

Omni-channel Forum seeks to take serious cases straight to CPS

The ORIS Omni-channel Forum is embarking upon an ambitious lobbying project that could result in a change in the law to allow businesses to bring their own prosecution directly to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

— Nov 21, 2017

Oldest Forum inspires the youngest as blitzes cross the Irish sea

Inspired by the work of the Fashion Forum (ORIS Forums’ longest-established retail loss prevention forum), the Irish Retail Loss Prevention Forum (the youngest of the nine forums) adopted a blitz programme whereby Police and retailers work together as part of concerted days of action to reduce business crime.

— Nov 21, 2017

Cross-Border co-operation

There’s an old Irish Proverb that says, “You can’t plough a field by just turning it over in your mind.”

— Mar 31, 2020

Retailers and logistics providers urged to 'make the call' to share best practice on Coronavirus

ORIS Forums, the award-winning not-for-profit intelligence and best practice sharing organisation, is urging more retailers and logistics providers to ‘make the call’ and collaborate with each other on a daily basis to share tips and information around the Coronavirus crisis.

— Sep 28, 2021

Why It’s Good to Talk

Collaboration Is the New Competition as ORIS Forums Scoops Industry Award