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French government puts an end to 'shrinkflation'

The French finance ministry has ordered retailers in the country to notify shoppers of ‘shrinkflation’ to products. 

Companies like Kellogg’s and Nestlé have been criticised for quietly reducing the sizes of their products while maintaining the same or sometimes increasing prices for several years – a practice which has been brought to mainstream attention by rampant food inflation over the past two years.

While French supermarket chain Carrefour started putting shrinkflation price warnings on some products last year to put pressure on consumer goods producers, the country’s government has now acted to make this a standard practice. 

Starting in July, retailers in the country will have to display when consumer goods products have been downsized to increase unit price. This labelling will be made to stay in place for a minimum of two months. 

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire in a statement said: "Shrinkflation is a rip-off, we're putting an end to it. I want to rebuild consumers' confidence and confidence goes hand in hand with transparency.”

Food inflation in France hit a record high of 16 per cent in 2023, leading the government to pass a law that would bring forward negotiations between retailers and large consumer goods companies which typically take place at the start of each year.

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