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Sekura's roboshop technology helps retailers get back in business

Sanitising robots and social distancing tags unlock ‘the new normal’ for retail.

Many business resumption technologies are simply re-purposed uses of existing security or loss prevention equipment such as CCTV being re-marketed as thermal temperature checkers or people counters taking on a second life as occupancy level measures as businesses try to maintain social distancing.

The creative reimagining of products is nothing new, but one business has come up with some original thinking when it comes to helping businesses restore some form of safe normality in their stores and distribution centres (DCs).

Retail technology company Sekura Global, the retail technology division of Clipper Retail, has launched two new products to enable retailers to ramp up operations post-coronavirus.

SteryBot®, the world’s first autonomous retail sanitising robot, and a Dynamic Social Distancing system are both brand new developments that have been added to the company’s range of PPE and safety essentials to make stores and distribution centres COVID-safe for customers and staff.
SteryBot® is an autonomous robot that uses hospital-grade UVC light to deep clean and sterilise stores and DCs during closing hours.

Developed by mobile service robot pioneers MetraLabs, SteryBot® kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. It is completely autonomous – requiring no human intervention to find its own way around the retail space.

Also, unlike handheld UV light solutions, it does not put staff at risk of exposure to harmful rays.
Sekura’s Dynamic Social Distancing system uses ultra-wideband technology to enable staff to maintain mandated gaps in the workplace, alerting employees when they are too close to a colleague.

It also supports contact tracing, to minimise business disruption through targeted quarantines should an infection occur.

“Our COVID-safe product range is about helping retailers get back up and running,” said Chris Napthine, Director of Operations at Sekura Global.

“Coronavirus has disrupted the entire industry. By making their shoppers and their staff feel safer, these solutions bring the reassurance retailers need to get moving again.

“For forty years we’ve been trusted by the retail industry to protect their security and profit. In these times, it feels like a natural step to provide a single source for the equipment they need to make their operations safe,” added Napthine.
In addition to SteryBot® and the Dynamic Social Distancing system, Sekura Global’s COVID-safe retail range includes PPE & safety essentials such as face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, and hygiene stations.

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