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Trust in the grocery industry falls to a new low

Trust in the grocery industry has fallen to the lowest levels since November 2014, according to consumer watchdog Which?

According to the Which? monthly consumer insight tracker, around two thirds of consumers said they felt they are being ripped off in convenience stores which do not stock budget ranges, and nearly half said that they struggled to find affordable food in convenience stores.  

Which? found that due to rising food prices, 57 per cent of people had purchased cheaper items while 40 per cent had shopped around for the best offers. Around 10 per cent of consumers have skipped meals and four per cent have turned to a food bank for help.  

Rocio Concha, director of policy and advocacy at Which?, said that people should not have to pay more for essentials just because they cannot get to a large supermarket.  

“While the whole food supply chain affects prices, supermarkets have the power to do more to support people who are struggling, including ensuring everyone has easy access to basic, affordable budget ranges at a store near them, including smaller stores for consumers who rely on these.” 

He added: “Supermarkets must also provide transparent pricing so people can easily work out which products offer the best value.” 

While consumer faith in supermarkets is at a low, recent news that some supermarkets are lowering the prices of some goods to help with the cost of living may help to restore some trust. Waitrose has lowered the price of around 200 items while Sainsbury's said it will cut the price of 40 own-brand products.

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